» Oversees all forestry related activities on the Reservation

Activities Include:

• Protection & development of timber stands

• Wildfire protection and prevention

• Endangered species protection management (Red-Cockaded Woodpecker)

• Protection of cultural and historical sites

In 1957, the Attorney General ruled that the Tribal Council had the right to manage timber on the reservation, and to use the revenue from timber sales to finance projects which would benefit the people.  Authority was also given to conduct a timber management program in cooperation with the Texas Forest Service to prevent excessive or premature cutting of timber, thereby, protecting the long range financial interest of the people. In 1971, the Reservation won the States' top award for forestry conservation for their achievement in timber management. 

The Alabama-Coushatta Reservation consists of 4585 acres under Federal Trust status. Of this, 90% is classified as commercial forestland. Conservative harvest practices have been employed to maintain and simulate large old growth. The conservative cutting practices and subsequent old growth timber has played an important role in tourism and culture. The forest provides an ecosystem for both Tribal members and wildlife. The area is located totally within Polk County, a region locally known as Deep East Texas. It is bordered on the south by the Big Thicket National Preserve, and is otherwise surrounded by commercial timber producers' land in various stages of forest production. 

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