The Administration Department serves as the Administrative Branch of the Tribal Government by providing oversight to all Tribal and/or Federal programs operated by the Tribe and all Tribal employees.  This department oversees the day-to-day operations of the Tribe.  The Tribal Administration ensures compliance with the Personnel Policies and Procedures, as well as Fiscal Policies and Procedures.

The Administration Branch is comprised of a Tribal Administrator, Deputy Administrator, Administrative Assistant and Administrative Receptionist.  Prior to a complete reorganization in 2008, all administrative and Chief Executive Officer duties rested solely upon the Tribal Administrator. The Tribal Administrator now assists Tribal Council in the area of economic development and conducts various CEO related functions.  Additionally, the Tribal Administrator provides administrative oversight for the Deputy Administrator, Administrative Departments, Natural Resources, Grants and Retail Services.

The Deputy Administrator focuses on day to day programmatic functions by providing administrative support to such departments as: Facilities, Education, Health & Human Services, Public Safety and Tribal Services.  

Both the Tribal Administrator and Deputy Administrator serve as a liaison to the Tribal Council on behalf of the Department Directors and Tribal programs.  The Administrative Assistant and Receptionist are the supportive staff for the Administration Department.

Tribal Facilities are managed by the Administration Department.

Tribal Administrator 
Stephanie Williams - (936) 563-1101  

Deputy Administrator  
Tina Battise - (936) 563-1102

Administrative Assistant  
Valerie Robinson - (936) 563-1104

Administrative Receptionist 
Derinda Obe - (936) 563-1105

Facilities Caretaker
    Timothy Williams - (936) 563-1149