By the President of the Republic of Texas

Whereas, it has been made known to the Executive that serious disturbances and conflicts have recently taken place between the Cushatta Indians and some of the citizens of the Republic residing in the neighborhood of their Towns and Villages on the Trinity River, in which five of the Indians have been slain, and the residue (as it is said) threatened with extermination.

And Whereas, it has also been represented to the Executive that the said Cushatta tribe of Indians are, and always have been, peaceful and friendly disposed towards the white settlers of the country, and are desirous of living upon terms of amity with all the good Citizens of this Republic, if permitted to do so.

And Whereas, such disturbances and conflicts if kept up, will involve the Nation in a war with every Indian tribe now within its borders, and prevent the carrying out that system of policy which has been adopted and is now in progress for the termination of the difficulties with which the Country has been so long harassed, by the removal of all Indians having no rightful claim to the soil of Texas, beyond her Territorial limits.

Therefore be it known that I, Mirabeau B. Lamar, President of said Republic, do by virtue of the power and authority invested in one by law, issue this my Proclamation, requesting and strictly enjoining the Citizens of this Republic to abstain from all and every act of hostility towards said Indian tribe not required for the immediate preservation of themselves and property. And I do hereby invoke the said Citizens to make known to their Government through the agent appointed to superintend the affairs of said tribe, all causes of complaint which now exist, or may hereafter arise in respect to the said Indians before proceeding to hostilities with said tribe. And to preserve peace, and to prevent future violations of the Law, I do hereby strictly require and enjoin it upon all Officers of this Republic, Civil and Military, to be vigilent in suppressing all acts of hostility between Citizens of the same, and the said Indian tribe; and to use all proper and lawful means for the dispersing of any armed bands or parties which may assemble for the purpose of violating these laws, and involving the Country in war and bloodshed.

Given under my hand and the seal of the Republic at Houston, this ninth day of July, eighteen hundred and thirty nine, and of the Independence of Texas the Fourth year

Mirabeau B. Lamar